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Experience and Credentials

Choosing an Internet advertising company to represent your interests can be a difficult task. As the Internet has grown over the last decade, countless companies have popped up, many with near zero credentials – yet flashy websites. Listed below is our experience which sets us far apart from other Internet advertising companies, both large and small.

Areas of significant experience:

  • Business Development – Creating, maintaining and operating an online business.
  • Website Monetization – The actual monetization of the website properties we build.
  • Localized Targeted Content – Getting found locally, creating and maintaining local listings.
  • Domain Names – Both acquisitions of premium domains and configuration.
  • Web Hosting – Hosting environment analysis and server administration.
  • Latent Semantic Indexing – Keyword use analysis for optimization opportunities.
  • Conversion Optimization – Reading and analyzing data for optimization processes.
  • Search Engine Algorithms – Not just to understand, but building our own search engines.
  • Directory Development – Structure and design, coding and database management.
  • Trademarks – Registering, maintaining and renewing federal trademarks for brands.
  • Remarketing Technologies – Technologically identifying and following target customers.

The above areas of marketing are our specialties and we possess a well-rounded knowledge of implementation and optimization of the following processes to both save money and capture the maximum number of users while converting them into customers.


Feel free to request more information or call us right now at 631-983-2201. You can also order a strategic consultation to acquire only the immediate technical support or insight you seek.